You can choose to train at home or outdoors. Either book a block of sessions if you’d like to reserve a specific timeslot each week, or do Pay As You Go per session booking a week ahead.

Sessions can be one-to-one or shared with a maximum of four people. The price stays the same.

Personal training sessions are £40 for 45 minutes.

“I’m doing something positive for me and taking a break from work.” – Andrea

“Training is ‘Me-time’, fresh air, knowing I’ll feel good afterwards, chatting with Dani.” –  Alexandra

“Each session is varied and I know Dani will keep them upbeat and work on all the areas that need focus.” – Nanaz

“I like being outside, reconnecting with my body, forgetting about everything else. My only hours of the week only dedicated to myself (not my job, kids, husband…)” – Bunny

“It focuses my mind, re-energises and pushes me physically – getting fitter each time! I feel positive both physically as well as mentally.” – Fran

“Afterwards I feel exhausted, but totally amazing! I never feel like I’m not making progress after my sessions with Dani.” – Abi

Design Your Own Personal Training Package

It’s great to have a time that’s just for you each week. Personal Training sessions can be booked as a block with a specific time or when it works for you with Pay As You Go. Contact me to find out about what slots are available next week.

Pregnancy And Postnatal Support

Welcoming a new baby into your life is a very special time. Most mums experience tiredness and aches and pains during and after pregnancy. Any exercise you do should be designed to leave you feeling revived and calm. I know life doesn’t always go to plan when you’ve got little ones, but don’t worry we can go with the flow of family life.

Train With A Friend

As well as being easier on the wallet training with a friend can be lots of fun, giving you a bit of extra support and is always a bit of a giggle. You can split the cost of a personal training session between friends. (Maximum of 4 in a session).

Contact Me

to book your first Pay As You Go session either just for you or with a friend or two.